Jinjoo Yoo

Instrument: Piano | Location: New York City

Born: April 15, 1989

JinJoo Yoo is a Jazz pianist, composer, and an arranger hailing from Seoul, South Korea. Enjoying singing and playing instruments from her youth, Jazz captured her attention soon after starting University in South Korea. Although she was studying Sociology and Economics in her undergraduate years, she found herself more interested in Jazz rather than her major. After her graduation, she decided to focus on jazz more deeply in New York.

Residing in New York City since 2016, it did not take long for Jinjoo to make her name in New York jazz scene. Jinjoo stylistically encompasses the range from Jazz Classic and the American songbook to original compositions that are always played with thought-provoking swinging intuition. Jinjoo can be seen every week performing as a leader or sideman around the city.

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“…Her music is unhackneyed, melodic, welcoming. She spins out long graceful lines that aren’t four-bar modules copied from other pianists. She has her own voice, or I should say, “voices.” The performances often begin with a simple melodic motif set over a clear, swinging rhythmic foundation . . . and they transparently show off her curiosity. …”

“…It’s clear that she has steeped herself in the jazz tradition — reaching far and wide to include bebop, Jimmy Rowles, Ellington, Monk, and American popular song at its best — but she is herself. …..”

– Michael Steinman,

“……One of the most listenable albums I’ve heard in many a turntable revolution! Although very bop-influenced in her solos, Jinjoo is able to spread her fingers across many genres, Bud Powell or Mel Powell, she takes them all in her stride…..”

– Lance Liddle,

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New York City

Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


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