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Joan Minor

American Jazz vocalist Joan Minor interprets Jazz classics with soul-stirring veracity. As a solo performer, she has performed worldwide, across the U.S.A, Europe and Africa, including San Francisco, New York, Paris, Berlin, Zermatt and Athens.

Her CD Integrity Matters, recorded in Paris, warranted praise by the iconic Blues legend, Mr. B.B. King. Joan broadened her Jazz expression under the tutelage of such artists as Patti Cathcart, of the internationally-known duo Tuck and Patti, the New York Broadway artist June Smith and the legendary Barry Harris. She has performed, among others, with Odia Coats, Jamie Davis, Percy Scott, Jeff Ballard, Danny Hull, Kitty Margolis, Wayne Dockery, Olivier Hutman, Madeline Eastman, Smith Dobson and the “David Hardiman All Star Big Band”.

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