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I am Joe Barnett, M.A. of Crystal Magic Orchestra. Joe Barnett's musicianship is “Making Known the Unknown.” I let my consciousness go out into the infinite of reality and I listen, create and play new musical ideas that come to me from there. I express all music and my music creation in this way as “Making Known the Unknown.”

Crystal Magic Orchestra is making a new type of music. It is a New type of Jazz. It is called Cosmic Jazz.

It is called Cosmic because we take our consciousness out to the infinite unknown and inhale Pre-Light and Pre- Sound and we exhale it into our Neumann Microphone in our music studio.

This Pre-Light and Pre-Sound we record makes Cosmic Pink White Light and that is what is recorded when we exhale into our Neumann Microphone in our music studio.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's COSMIC JAZZ - a New Type of Jazz which is HEALING

Dr. Angela Barnett



Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz Music is a Magical element that will assist in preparing the listener to become a Multidimensional Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful.

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