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Joerg Sommermeyer

JS (Joerg Sommermeyer) started at the tender age of ten with a dust-ridden 'beater' Harmony six-string acoustic dreadnought passed down from his father. While growing up in South Germany he first cut his teeth every evening around sundown while playing for his family. Later, he played in a band, hit the local scene and studied classical guitar with Victor von Hasselmann and Anton Stingl. Eclecticist in the positive sense, in broadest terms between Classical Music, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, transforming himself into the entire variation of styles, with elements of Jazz, without fear of venturing into Pop, for the past five years, JS (Joerg Sommermeyer) has been performing with his group The Black Djemba. The band has enjoyed playing to their ever-increasing following in the Southern Germany Area and has gotten favourable reviews. Their material seems to be ever changing and hard to pin down categorically. What always remains the same is the unique and wide-ranging musical personality of JS (Joerg Sommermeyer).

Besides Joerg Sommermeyer is the author of the antinovel “ANTON UNBEKANNT”, “Pat[(h) o/a] physischer Antiroman, Tragigroteskenfragment”, published in December 2008.

The album “Total Overdrive” offers a wide variety of styles: Eclectic and ambitious mix of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folk, Rock, Pop, kind of lush-but-rootsy Crossover, Electronica, all original and fresh without ever seeming forced. “Berlin Autumn” with a nice relaxed groove and a soothing jazzy guitar - this'll get you through the autumn and the winter too. The perfect music for cold, cloud-shrouded days when the weather can't decide to drizzle or snow. The very impressionistic “The Total Overdrive” is always sexy with a nice bluesy touch of mouth harp, excellent electronic and rock sonics and a raw, funky groove. Listen & Love!

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