Joey Berkley

Tenor Saxophone
Recording Artist

…migrating south from Toronto, Canada in 1978, Joey Berkley immersed himself in the competitive New York City jazz scene. The musician benefited from his experiences in Manhattan, and maintains that these early years of struggling were not only necessary, but also crucial to his musical development. In fact, his CD that was released in 1999 and marks his debut as the bandleader of the Joey Berkley Quartet, is aptly titled Made in NYC. The disc, which features many of Joey’s original compositions, came out on A- Records.

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Primary Instrument

Sax, tenor


Yonkers, NY

Willing to teach



I am an honour's graduate from the Jazz Performance program at Humber College in Toronto Canada. After graduation in 1979 I moved to NYC to study with Joe Allard and Eddie Daniels. At the same time I also enrolled in the toughest school of all- the New York City "music scene". Now in 2017, I am still trying to graduate!

“As a teacher I believe in trying to develop a discipline in each musician that focuses on mastering the fundamentals. From beginner to advanced, the musician maintains this endeavor in the overall pursuit of excellence-which is never-ending. I feel that the mastery of good technique – tone, finger execution, reading and theory – and the search of always trying to find ways to improve are essential to expressing artistry whether the music is classical, jazz or rock ‘n roll.”


Embouchure: This development is CRUCIAL. It affects everything- timbre, intonation, rhythm etc.
Fingers: Fast or slow, moving from note to note(s) it has to be precise-in any style of music.
Reading: In order to become a good independent reader you must understand the mathematical relationships in music i.e. counting, sub- dividing, beat/bar recognition, time signatures etc. This applies to all music-Classical, Jazz, Funk, Latin etc.
Theory: All musicians must have knowledge of music theory. What you are playing sounds better if you understand why.
Jazz Improvisation: A balance of theory- based fundamentals and listening. This includes transcribing and how to apply it. Also, interpretation of melody and stylistic differences in jazz.

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