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John and Kelly Fumo with Fumosonic John and Kelly Fumo with Fumosonic

Fumosonic is the culmination of 20+ years of marriage and collaboration between John and Kelly Fumo. The vision of these two musician/composers from Los Angeles, CA is a transformative musical experience that draws upon John’s jazz influences and Kelly’s love of music. The pair met while doing a recording session for singer Delaney Bramlett and had an instant connection. Their journey began with the first song they created called “Shut Up and Go Home!”, which showcases the unique formula of a heavy beat, Kelly’s strong vocals and some free jazz improvisation by John.

John’s trumpet playing may be heavily influenced by Miles Davis and the free expressions of jazz music, but he has worked as a side man with the likes of Neil Diamond, James Brown, Beck and Brian Setzer. Kelly’s world view was honed during the time she spent traveling the world and composing music – all while getting her degree in Art and working as an Illustrator. The importance of their family is always a factor in John and Kelly’s lives and the birth of their second son was the motivation for a new album.

Fumosonic’s latest CD, “Love is Everything” features two songs (“I Have the Perfect Kind of Love” and “A Thousand Kisses”) that are phrases their son whispered to Kelly before bed one evening. This new CD is an intoxicating mix that blends the influences of Kelly’s trance like belly dance music and John’s love of East Indian classical improvisational music

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