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John-Eric Booth

“I just want to sing. I just want to entertain. The bliss I feel when I am singing a great standard tune... the energy from the audience… what a high. The world needs more swing... and THIS is what I do.”


“I got a very late start with the Great American Songbook. I have had to work really hard to catch up. And it has been a joy. It astounds me how it remained unrealized in my life for so many years. I cannot imagine singing any other genre of music. The gratification I get from this experience astounds me.”

Quite amazing what can be accomplished in just a few short years. With unrelenting focus on the genre, John-Eric Booth has performed internationally, writes and hosts the weekly one-hour musical radio program “Swinging Songbook” (more on that later), and frequently jetting out to Hollywood to perform with Pat Longo and his Hollywood Orchestra when the opportunity arises. “It's such a rush being backed by 16 swingin' players.”

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”J-E-B was an unexpected surprise of real swing like the old days of the Sinatra generation. I haven't been this impressed with a new singer in a long while. Record companies and movies looking for good soundtrack tunes should be fighting over this guy very soon.” Tron Simpson / KCMN AM 1530

“One of the most incredible young talents I've ever heard. As a record producer, I know a fabulous package when I see and hear it!” Barry Kunz - First Cabin Records / West Covina, CA

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