John Peter Giunta

John Peter Giunta is a conservatory-trained musician and performance artist who recognizes and demonstrates the aesthetic relationships of the arts with each other. His programs contain his specialty, classical guitar compositions, and there are other elements as well. He also combines poetry, visual art pieces and movement with his improvisations on guitars, as well as flutes, glass harp and other instruments. With the assistance of electronic instruments, he can combine the sounds of several instruments at once while playing them live. Audience members' occasional participation is integrated into the performances. The musical textures he creates range from classical to new age--and from guided imagery to meditation.

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”A performance by John Giunta is an aural and visual treat that invites the audience to explore relationships between the arts and between art and life itself. What sets Giunta's performances apart from most others is the artistic diversity he offers and his engaging manner of casual communication with the audience.” DR. MARILOU KRATZENSTEIN, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA.

“A favorite with our staff and customers, Mr. Giunta's musicianship and audience rapport are of a caliber rarely matched by performers...His repertoire is unique--a blend of classical, jazz and Latin American/Spanish styles with a delightful dose of improvisation.” KATHLEEN HALNON, Publicist, Borders Book Shop.

“What I can say about his music is that every note leans to its simple beauty

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Vienna, VA

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Master's degree on the guitar, many years of teaching experience.

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Free improvisation on any instrument. YOGA FOR MUSICIANS (TM) Classical Guitar College audition preparation

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