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John Litzenberg

Blues. Jazz. Country. Bluegrass. Reggae. Folk. Rock. Punk. Goth. Funk. Classical. When you've been playing and singing since age 8, there's not much out there you haven't heard, if your ears are open. And keeping my ears open (and fingers nimble) is what still drives me after 34 years of singing and playing guitar, bass, piano, clarinet, dobro, mandolin, lap steel amd percussion; and writing songs in the style of any album that hit my turntable. Blues and rock on the Sunset Strip; folk and avant-garde jazz in Boston, music education continued at Berklee on a voice scholarship, more blues in Memphis, country in Seattle and beyond, and now post-Katrina playing blues, funk, r & b and jazz in Natchitoches, Louisiana with some great players, like Hardrick Rivers and Pop Hymes.


Fender P-J Special, Squier Vintage Fretless, Palatino VE-550 EUB Rotosound strings (electric), D'Addario Helicore Hybrids (acoustic) Electro-Harmonix effects Ampeg and Kustom amplifiers Shure microphones