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Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke is an American folk rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. She began her career in the 1980s as one half of the folk duo The Story, and began her solo career in 1994. Her music merges elements of folk, rock and pop, often with poignant lyrics and complex harmonies. Brooke formed The Story in the early 1980s along with a friend and classmate at Amherst College, Jennifer Kimball. Despite playing locally on a regular basis during their college career, the duo never issued any demos or albums during this period. They took a break for a period after graduation, during which time Brooke joined a dance troupe. In 1989, the group created a demo called Over Oceans. The two friends were promptly signed to the independent Green Linnet label, which, in 1991, issued the duo's debut full-length album, Grace in Gravity. It was not long before the larger label Elektra Records expressed interest and reissued their debut. Their second album, The Angel in the House, was released in 1993. Both albums featured dissonant vocal harmonies to an extent not found in most albums in the genre.

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