Jon Larsen


1959 Born 7 January at Jar, near Oslo, Norway. At an early age attracted to drawing/painting and rockhunting in the mountains.

1972 Starts to play the guitar, but spends most time drawing and painting.

1976 First solo exhibition of paintings, inspired by Salvador Dal�-, followed by annual exhibitions for the next 20 years. First visit to Barcelona. First concerts with the trio Clo-Z, music inspired by Zappa, flamenco and jazz.

1977 One year of private studies of drawing with the Polish maestro Ryzard Warsinski.

1978 First visit to Paris. Moves to Barcelona to paint full time, spend one year with Catalan painters, but at the same time starts to study the music of Django Reinhardt.

1979 Forms Hot Club de Norvège together with two childhood friends Per Frydenlund (g/vocal) and Svein Aarbostad (b/poetry): Django music, traditional jazz, surrealistic poetry and happenings in small clubs and in the streets.

1980 Hot Club de Norvège records their first LP String Swing, and establishes the Djangofestival in Norway. Jon, Per and Svein study music with the Romanian pianist/arranger Christian Colan for one year, and meet gypsy guitarist Raphael Faÿs.

1981 First concerts at the Molde Jazz Festival. Meet the pioneer jazz guitarist Robert Normann, and start the work on reissuing his collected recordings, completed 1988.

1982 Hot Club Records established, presenting the new LP Old, New, Borrowed & Blue, with instant success. First concerts abroad at Pori Jazz, Finland, and Tanta til Beate with Lillebjørn Nilsen/HCdN win the Norwegian Grammy; Spellemannprisen.

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Jon Larsen

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