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Jon Ostrom

Portland’s Jon Ostrom is a talented and accomplished guitarist and songwriter playing jazz, funk, rock and bluegrass in various groups throughout his career. The imagery created by his guitar playing combined with his songwriting showcase his ability to create landscapes for deep grooves and improvisation.

Jon started his music career in Walleye, a power trio focused on songwriting without any barriers or limits. Walleye was fortunate to open for such bands as Vince Herman, Rubberneck, Jive Talkin Robots, Five Fingers of Funk and many more.

Jon then created the Louden Mellow Project to continue with songwriting and focus on jazz and funk. At the same time, Jon joined Higher Ground, a touring rock and bluegrass inspired band. He got to play major festivals in and around the Northwest including the Bite of Portland, the Oregon Country Fair and the Hood River City Festival. He also had the opportunity to headline the Portland Bluegrass Festival selling out the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

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