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Alto saxophonist and composer Joris Posthumus has been making music since he was six years old. He studied at the conservatory of Rotterdam and Tilburg, and at the same time founded various combos. After graduating, he created The New Quartet in order to set up live projects with leading jazz musicians, including Wolter Wierbos, Martijn Vink, Ben van den Dungen and Yuri Honing.

At the end of 2007, pianist Jeroen van Vliet and drummer Pascal Vermeer had joined the Quartet. When their album 'The Abyss' was released in 2009 (distributed by Challenge), the group's name was changed to the Joris Posthumus Quartet. The album was recorded together with sound technician Chris Weeda, pianist Jeroen van Vliet, drummer Pascal Vermeer en bass player Juriaan Dekker (featuring Tom Beek). This album presents dynamic jazz of a high NU-bop energetic quality. The biting alto saxophone of Joris ,who,whipped up by the strong rhythm section, explores all corners of the improvisation spectrum, is characteristic for the sound of the Quartet. Another characteristic is that the melody, an important ingredient of Joris’s compositions, will always sound through. Making music is all about the chemistry between the musicians. With this band, Joris felt that all- important ‘click’. In this formation the band toured the Netherlands with the famous American tenor saxophonist David Murray as a guest and played at the North Sea festival, but also on other famous Dutch Jazz podiums during the Young VIPs tour, a.o. the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and ”Lantaren en Venster” in Rotterdam. A special feature on the Dutch tv show Vrije Geluiden gave him also more exposure. Currently his new album is released 9 September by Challenge Records International and in November 2016 Joris wil do a tour true Japan to promote this new album, Joris Posthumus Group, ‘Tokyo’s Bad Boys’

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Album Tokyo's Bad Boys by Joris Posthumus

Tokyo's Bad Boys

Challenge Records

Album Ruff Sound Quartet, Peace by Joris Posthumus

Ruff Sound Quartet,...

Challenge Records

Album The Abyss by Joris Posthumus

The Abyss

Challenge Records



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