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Joshua Jefferson

Josh Jefferson is a collage artist and a alto saxophone and bass clarinet player whose music can not be easily confined to such limiting descriptions as “noise”, “free jazz”, “improv”, etc. He plays locally in the groups Skinny Vinny, Duck That, Hospice for the 300 and Grizzlier and has developed a highly idiosyncratic approach to his instruments and a sharp edged approach to what we once knew as music.

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”Jefferson is a player with deft reflexes and coordination, and a master of what could be called 'protective mimicry,' if he were not so original. In his playing he may evoke meadows rife with wildlife, the long trill of a hermit thrush underscored by the bellow of bullfrogs--or, the roar of a crocodile splashing into the Everglades of his native Florida. Equally at home in solo or group settings, he makes each context a true environment, with an ear quick to pick up on what his fellow musicians are doing, and nimbly knits together audience and group in sympathetic union.”

Gordon Marshall AAJ

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