Jovan Gojkovic

I was born on October 4, 1986. in a city of Aleksinac, Serbia.

My current residence is in a city of Nis, Serbia, where I moved on 2005. I am a Law School student, and an amateur photographer.

As a photographer, my primary interests are based on street and life photography. I see photography as a good way to express emotion and to record the world around me. By doing this, I tend to persuade people to look at the world in a more undisguised way, to see the world around them without prejudices. I'm a bystander of an opinion that the story which one photo tells is much more important than a tehnical quality. As Henri Cartier-Bresson once said: “To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It's a way of life.” My moto is that the beauty is in the eye of a beholder.

My photos were published in the most popular photo magazine in Serbia, ReFoto, in more than one occasion. My photo “After School” participated in a final of annual photo competition organized by this magazine, and was exibited in all major cities in Serbia.

My first solo exhibition of jazz and rock photography took place in Aleksinac, Serbia, with the title “See The Music”. In 2010. I also participated in several group exhibitions, in cities of Niš, Novi Sad, Bečej in Serbia, Pljevlja and Kotor in Montenegro and Budapest in Hungary. In 2010. I have won first prize on annual EXIT festival photo competition, and I have participated in Photo Message training seminar, in Bečej, Serbia

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