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When on a coast to coast USA tour with Columbia Records in his early 20’s, Jr Choy, born Delano Choy Jr. was referred to by a music critic after one of the concert performances as an “erupting “Volcano” on the trumpet, who hails from Hawaii”…the other musicians on the tour jumped on that immediately and so “Volcano” has been his nick-name ever since for some 25 years now. In his own words, “I just kind of went with it, realizing that people remembered “Volcano” a lot easier than my given name which is, Delano,…also that concert reviewer reminded me that “Volcano” rhymes somewhat with “Delano”! I guess he meant it as a compliment, I tell people that you can call me “Volcano” or Jr., (which my family refers to me as…”).

Born into a musical family, Jr Volcano Choy was always attracted to the trumpet and Jazz. “My Father, who is a Sax and Oboe player was a professional musician, starting out in the Air Force Band and then for decades playing the shows in Waikiki and also a member of the Royal Hawaiian Band, always had Jazz playing on the stereo at home, in fact, he told me that when I was as young as 2, I would be in front of the stereo with my plastic toy trumpet mimicking those great Clifford Brown solos!!...My Mother was also a Jazz aficionado, she herself being from a musical family, being the sister of Alto Sax Great, Gabe Baltazar of Stan Kenton and LA studios fame…she knew what was “swingin” and what wasn’t!...”I have one brother, David, who is also a musician (saxes) and currently resides in Maui, he gigs weekly in Maui and travels abroad with the “Doobie Brothers”… my Father, who well knew how uncertain the life of a musician could be, and with good, loving concern for the future economic stability of his 2 sons, always tried to steer us away from becoming professional musicians, however, both my Brother and I became professionals and joined the Musicians Union Local 677 in our teens.”

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Album Lava Flow by Jr Volcano Choy

Lava Flow

Self Produced



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