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Juan Ibarra

Juan Ibarra was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and began his music studies at the age of 8.

He started out by playing piano in music school and then called by the drums at 12 by the way of his parents, who listened and play The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater and Uruguayan music such as Jaime Roos and Eduardo Mateo. His strongest influence at that time was rock, ska, reggae and pop.

After studying with various drum teachers in Uruguay such as Guzman Villamonte, Gustavo Etchenique, Mape Bossio, Osvaldo Fattoruso, etc. He moved to Bs.As, Argentina to starts his professional career as a musician, and began his master studies in the Technological Institute of Contemporary Music with the master teacher, Carlos Riganti, where he was exposed to Jazz music. From there, Juan began studying everything he could of Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones and Art Blakey to Bill Stewart and Steve Smith.

The teaching of Carlos Riganti was a revelation for him, from there, it was all about studying drums.

At the age of 23, he was trap by the Afro Uruguayan rhythm called Candombe and again, began to studying all about this beautiful rhythm. He was part of many groups and styles of music, such as rock bands, reggae bands, folk bands, percussionist player, guitar and piano player, jazz , candombe, and many more.

Studied in different countries with Oscar Giunta, Oscar Linero and Carlos Riganti in Argentina. Edu Ribeiro in Brasil.

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”They mess with the candombe and abstract it. It is not “smooth candombe”, it is the candombe that “Weather Report” never played, with an enviable rhythmic work of drums, guitar and bass, interwoven in a texture of fascinating complexity.” (Elbio Rodriguez Barilari)

”NauMay” is a record to be listened to with dedication, because if you allow it, it will take you through multiple emotional paths and with several levels of depth. (Cooltivarte)