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Juan Oskar Maynes Juan Oskar Maynes

Discography: 1979 45 rpm “A Kick in the Brass” 1981 45 rpm “Cowboy Strut” 1983 45 rpm “Christmas is For Grownups Too” *note: These records received extensive air-play on Arizona radio Stations. 1986 “Laser Lips Project” (unpublished) Featuring... Drummer: Hal Blaine & Trumpeter: John Eth 1989-1990 “Groovin’ High” Cassette Album w/Jazz vocal ensemble “Mayneswing” 1998 “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” (Fifth Edition) Paul C. Krouse/Publisher 2001 CD “Baile Buffet” ( 2004 CD “Jazz Pizzazz and Latino” ( ( 2005 CD “Christmas is For Grownups Too” ( ( 2005 Received an official “Artist Endorsement” from the Yamaha Corporation of America. 2007 CD “Superhero” 2010 CD “Stairway to Heaven” 2014 CD “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” 2014 “Children’s Songs” and “Christmas Carols” (With Jazz and Alternate Chord Changes)

Much of Juan (Jay)Oskar Maynes’ music is Published by: Transition Music & heard on Cable TV shows: “Black Don't Crack”, “Latin Lifestyles”, “Renovate My Place”, “Travel in Style”, “Writer's Hot List”, “Pets TV”, “Who Wants to Date a Comedian” “Young Icons”, “My Destination TV”, “Career Day”, “Every Woman”, & others.



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