Judy Akin

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People from all over the world are now discovering Judy Akin's soothing voice and powerful musical delivery. Packed with classic selections, romantic ballads and soft jazz tones, this CD is becoming a fast favorite for many listeners!

“Her singing is pure and affecting on such standards as “Little Girl Blue...”

---Steve Eddy (The Orange County Register)

“I give a standing ovation to Akin...”

--- Suzie Harrison (Los Angeles Times-Coastline Pilot)

Judy has had the pleasure of creating an album with some of the most talented individuals in music...

*Pat Woodland - Producer

A television film composer and producer, Pat was a weekly songwriter for the hit NBC television series Profiler and continues to write for the hit HBO series Sex and the City.

*Richard Bredice - Engineer/Guitar

A Columbia records recording artist, Richard has worked along side some of the best- known names in the industry. He has worked/toured with Peter Gabriel and Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones as an equipment consultant. Mixed Tim Moyer's album Out of the Blue.

*Karen Hammack - Pianist

Recorded and/or performed with Melissa Manchester, Tim Weisberg, Niki Harris & Scott Colley.

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