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Julia Goryuchkina Julia Goryuchkina

Julia attended New England Conservatory of Music in the 1990s where she was an enthusiastic follower of a celebrated pianist Ran Blake and his “Third Stream” philosophy (now known as Contemporary Improvisation). After intensive private studies with Mr. Blake, Julia went on studying jazz piano and film music composition at the Berklee College of Music.

Among her mentors there, she names pianist Ray Santisi, saxophonist Fred Lipsius, and film composer Michael Rendish as most influential in her development as an artist and composer. After graduating from Berklee with Bachelors in Film Scoring, Ms. Goryuchkina lived and worked in South America. In Argentina, she has lectured and taught at the prestigious Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires (EMBA), which is known to have hosted Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Keith Jarrett, and other world- renowned artists. In Buenos Aires, Julia was also active as a professional composer, scoring several short films by Argentine filmmakers. She was a guest at several radio programs and a TV Show Todas Las Músicas �” La Música, with a forum on music in the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

In the US, Julia’s primary focus is in music composition. Since her return to Boston, she has created multiple works for concert hall, including numerous pieces for solo piano, compositions for contemporary jazz and new-age ensembles, and was involved in several independent and larger scale film scoring projects. Since 1995, Ms. Goryuchkina has lectured and taught at the New England Conservatory of Music, TUFTS University, and Berklee College of Music. She is currently a faculty at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts where she teaches cinema and film music in the Department of Visual and Media Arts.

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Little Martha has a created musical flowing journey that weaves through many places and many colors. The album is a tasteful marriage between midi and acoustic. I could see this music being used in theater, television and movie sound tracks. Very Well done Julia!

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The individual notes of of “Estos Animales Muerden” are like beautiful silk threads weaving together to form an elaborate tapestry �” you notice the beauty of each one, and combined they tell a story. TheatreWorks is a sensory experience. Listening to it is like viewing a great painting where each time you see, or in this case hear, something different and delightful.

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TheatreWorks is like a collection of music for films not yet created

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