Julian Arguelles

Julian Arguelles

Instrument: Saxophone | Location: Lisbon

...when Argüelles says something, you believe it, and that is the rarest of musical gifts.
—Cormak Larkin, Irish Times

Updated: November 20, 2019

Born: January 28, 1966

Award-winning saxophonist and composer Julian Argüelles plays a unique mix of exciting British contemporary jazz infused with Spanish rhythms, South African grooves, brass band and classical influences. An exceptionally gifted musician, he has been compared to sax legends Wayne Shorter and Charles Lloyd, while his on-stage chemistry with the Julian Argüelles Quartet has been likened to Keith Jarett’s renowned 1970s line-up.

Argüelles’ rapidly growing audience, built over the past 30 years, has an extraordinary reach for a jazz artist. His concerts attract a wide ranging age from early 20s upwards. Always keen to diversify, Argüelles has begun to reach out to jazz and classical music fans across Europe through his work with LAN Trio, with superstar Portuguese pianist Mário Laginha and the phenomenal Norwegian percussionist, Helge Andreas Norbakken.

“Whatever the format, Arguelle's music imbues depth, complexity, sonority and above all, a musical generosity of spirit which simply electrifies the bandstand.” Kenneth Killeen, Improvised Music Company Ireland, 2019

Argüelles’ management is pro-active in the promotion of concerts, developing innovative press strategies, building lasting relationships with journalists, and continuous engagement with fans. Social media plays a large part of any campaign, raising awareness, growing our base, and increasing ticket sales through inventive ‘RT-to-win’ merch giveaways, artist interaction competitions and exclusive releases.

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General: “One is left almost speechless with admiration” THE INDEPENDENT (UK)

“...when Argüelles says something, you believe it, and that is the rarest of musical gifts.” Cormak Larkin, Irish Times (Ireland)

“Argüelles is a gifted artist currently in his sophisticated prime.” John Fordham, The Guardian (UK)

Tonadas, Julian Argüelles Quartet (Edition) SELECTED REVIEWS 5 STAR review, BBC Music Magazine “The delicious opening notes…tell you something good is going to happen...one of Europe’s finest, most in demand, jazz men…this programme of sparkling, original tunes explores that Latin heritage”

4 star Review, John Fordham “Argüelles is a gifted artist currently in his sophisticated prime: jazz, classical, and multi-cultural folk music all influence him, and distilled Spanish motifs..

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