Julia Thomas

I have been a musician for over 30 yrs first on piano then the last 30 yrs I've devoted my self to the trumpet. I have a group called JazzMinds. It's a straight ahead Jazz group with 5 members and we play for any event you might have. From a Wedding to a BBQ or Patio party Birthday party anytime you feel the need to throw a gathering we can definately make your party a big event for everyone with a live band

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Smooth as glass.. A PHAT sound and a firey horn all in one..As smooth a a single malt scotch on a nice wind blown beach.. Very Beautiful nice to know there's great players in this area..
Primary Instrument


Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced students


30 yr trumpet player 3 yrs in the ARC JAZZ STUDIES PROGRAM 3 YRS Allstate Honor Band


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