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June Lopez is based in Philadelphia, PA, USA June Lopez is an improvisational, interdisciplinary artist, a musician, sound designer, composer, an experimentalist of afro, latin, jazz, techno, punk and performer of electronic music. His work encompasses electronic textures of sounds, capturing acoustic sound, field recordings, scoring, and free-improvised compositional soundscapes. June is deeply invested in his latin/jazz afro roots in preserving the art of making music to inspire and communicate spiritually to others through the means of musical expression. Over the years, June has transported his craft out of his studio onto a stage and is currently experimenting with the sound art and silence for sound installation and performance.

The music, storytelling, poetry, and dance are essential expressions of June Lopez's cultural identity. With an already list releases of live sound art exhibitions, which is themed to sounds and activities associated with sound as manifested in the environment that he surrounds himself in at the moment. His sound art showcases the importance of sound with respect to its cultural significance as a core area of perception. June's vision as an artist is to create powerful works of sound art that help advance freedom, justice, and inclusion, and strengthen the listener's experience. His works embody social justice and enable him to come together with other artists who use art as creativity and freedom of expression. At the moment June has joined forces with the artist D'nae Harrison to form the musical art duo Medium frequency experimenting with a wide spectrum of sonic textures through soundscape architects and using paint spacious jam explorers alike. June has contributed his sounds to various exhibits throughout Philadelphia, which include; Indigo Bleu Design & Cultural Center, Little Berlin Annex Space & Icebox Project Space, Arthur Ross Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Pearlman Museum, Philadelphia City Hall, and The Hatfield House.

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