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I was born the day my father was born (November 15). When I was young, I didn't know that I was born for music. It was the time when I started to play the piano, I knew there was something for me. But I didn't took that opportunity when I was young.

I tried playing the guitar. After all, my dad was also a guitar player. But I knew I had deficiencies. I knew this is not the instrument for me. When I was studiying at high school. I was in a band until now who once played rock and roll. I was playing guitar back then. But the time came where in I shifted to another instrument.

I started playing the piano when I was little (I really don't know my age that time.). But I shifted to guitar. I played the keyboard again when I was 15. Then it just felt good, really. Having something truly suitable for you is simply one of the best aspirations in life.

At the time I play the keyboard. My band immidiately shifted genres from rock to funk with a bit of jazz (although it was difficult for us to adjust first.).

With this gift given to me, along with my late grandfather's musicality, I will make everyone proud with my music. We all have one life. Make the most out of it. That's why Im going to take that chance.

Ever since I knew about my talent and my abilities, I never took it for granted. Practicing my fingers, torturing my ears with fast music so I can be able to transcribe whatever the tempo is. I play jazz bebop blues and fusion. Sounds from Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Hiromi Uehara and some Japanese Jazz Pianists.

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”Never stop DREAMING...”
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