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Jussi Fredriksson is a Finnish jazz musician, composer, music pedagogue and producer. Born in 1980, Fredriksson originally hails from the culturally rich city of Turku and nowadays lives in Helsinki. He plays an active part in the jazz lives of both of the cities and works actively as a musician, manning both pianist/keyboardist slots and drum stools of several ensembles operating at the forefront of the lively Finnish jazz scene. Recently Fredriksson has also taken a more active part in the workings of the Finnish Jazz Federation, becoming a member of the organisation’s board in 2012.

The Jussi Fredriksson jazz story properly begins in 1995, as the then 15-year old musician started working professionally in the scene. In 2000, Fredriksson relocated in Helsinki in order to begin his studies at the Sibelius Academy, known for generating a large portion of the current jazz talent in Finland.

Jussi Fredriksson’s current band projects would be enough to fill an active musicians calendar. Each of them are highly respected ensembles and present a wide range of Fredriksson’s talent as a musician. The trio setting finds the man steering his musical boat on crystal clear tidewaters from behind his piano, Busy Turtles offers a more electronic approach, featuring Fredriksson on the keyboards, as does Reactor-5, an earlier successful band formation which was successfully featured at the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition. Fredator is something special again, placing the man as a lizard of a drummer on top of a dancefloor-oriented acoustic groove. The Fredator suit alone is a sight to behold, and the top-notch lineup featured keeps the swing firmly in place. The latest of the Fredriksson-fueled travels in music is Jazz Wars, a veritable all-star group bringing together some of the brightest stars in the Finnish scene in an epic backdrop of a musical battlefield.

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Jazz piano teacher at Sibelius Academy in Finland.



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