Kai Brant

Kai Brant

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Las Vegas

Thrilling, exciting… You inevitably grow hungry for more music penned by this great musician!
—Bass Professor Magazine

Updated: October 22, 2019

Kai Brant is an American producer, songwriter, and jazz singer. As a young child, her creative heart was immersed in the poetry of life, and she would spend many hours of the day writing her deepest thoughts. As a teenager, she continued these poetic thoughts alongside guitar. Being very shy, she adopted a brand new name, Kai Brant, which gave her the courage to present her poetry and music publicly. Following a decade of writing music and fronting several bands as a singer-songwriter, she revisited her love of poetry and founded The Hattrix Project, an art collective featuring poets, dancers, and musicians based out of Long Beach, California. After producing numerous live shows and two records, she relocated to Las Vegas to pursue her solo career as a singer. Here, she dove into her jazz studies, which she had wanted to pursue since hearing the Etta James tribute to Billie Holiday, “Mystery Lady”. She unveils her love of jazz alongside The Las Vegas Jazz Trio with their debut record “Getting Some Fun Out of Life”.


“Brant delivers all the necessary attitude and experience…” - Thunder Row

“Thrilling, exciting… You inevitably grow hungry for more music penned by this great musician!” - Bass Professor Magazine

“Her voice is versatile, can be soft and rough at the same time, and that makes it easy for her to approach different genres; soft ballads never dare to sound boring but pass you by like little butterflies, each one leaving a color and a trail behind.” - The Muse’s Muse

“When one ventures to Las Vegas, one of the first stops should be to see Kai Brant and the Las Vegas Jazz Trio.” - Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including The Jazz Singers

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