Kat Calvosa

Kat Calvosa writes songs that bring a refreshing sense of true innovation to the intertwining worlds of jazz and popular music. With honesty and insight, she writes and interprets lyrics with a wisdom beyond her years, creating beautiful, haunting, and charming stories that draw the listener in and take them on a journey they are not soon to forget.

Currently working on material for a new album of standards, covers, and original music, With a wonderful quartet of some of New York’s finest musicians, she is poised and ready to discover new ground and take the next step on what has already been a fulfilling journey.

As a girl growing up in rural Wisconsin, her father attempted and failed to interest Kat in jazz music. Oddly enough, in college, she began listening to Miles Davis. “The first jazz record I bought was Kind of Blue,” she remembers. “I think I’m on my fourth or fifth copy of that record….” It is with an ear towards such greats that Kat writes, always striving for a balance between writing music that is complex enough for her band to stretch out on, but with a lyrical and melodic sense that make her music accessible to even the most novice of listeners. Her most recent release, Chrysalis, holds many of these gems; Rufus, about her large and sometimes not so in-charge bed, See It Rise, linking the building of a house to leaving and moving on from a difficult space, and A Rose, a striking and beautiful love song.

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