Kate Thomas

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: London

Eclectic British singer-songwriter Kate Thomas grew up in a small town in Essex called Laindon, near a place nicknamed 'Alcatraz'. Feeling trapped in her early years, Kate would immerse herself in music, maps and languages. The family home was, 'small with woodchip on the walls', but it was warm and creative and the family would spend their time playing music together. The soundtrack to Kate's childhood was mostly jazz, with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra featuring prominently. Kate's grandad 'farvie' was also a well-known drummer in East London; playing regularly at Ronnie Scott's and at the Krays’ now notorious R&R club. Kate's early interest in languages continued unabated, leading her not only to sing Italian opera, on a chair, in a restaurant, in a place called 'Bas Vegas', but also to translate a love letter into Russian for a neighbour!

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”Where the energy of rock blends in with the intimacy of folk” - A&R FACTORY

“A stunning 4-tracks of gypsy-folk that displays Latin to Jazz and acoustic influences for a result that will make you want to watch Chocolat again.” - FREQUENCY 21

“Kate Thomas you have certainly got a style of your own!” - MEL WATSON, PHOENIX FM

​”This time she's got a full band behind her and it sounded, for want of a better word, off the musical hook!” - JAZZY RON

“Kate's voice is like melting chocolate, with cream, then more chocolate” - BAD LAYDEE

“Like Edith Piaf and Judy Garland all wrapped up in one”​- HELEN LEDERER



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