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Kathryn Ballard Shut

KATHRYN BALLARD SHUT (pronounced /shoot/) is an accomplished jazz pianist and vocalist, living and working in the Denver, Colorado live music scene, and grew up surrounded by both music lovers and working musicians. Classically trained on the piano beginning at age 8, reeds at age 10, and incorporating jazz theory by age 14, Kathryn has served as both pianist and woodwind “doubler” in big bands (clarinet/flute/saxes) as well as small combos. Most recently, she served as a prominent member of several jazz orchestras within The Colorado Jazz Workshop under the leadership of Hugh Ragin.

Kathryn is co-leader and founder of the classic jazz small ensemble, 'Lost Soul Jazz Combo' (album: and has played major venues in Denver (including a sold out show in the dining room of the famous Dazzle Restaurant) with several prominent groups.

In addition to collaborating with jazz master and father, the late Tim Ballard, Kathryn has also worked closely with Latino film and music stars Daniel Valdez (of 'Zoot Suit','La Bamba','The Westside Oratorio'), as well as with Denver jazz artists Mark Diamond, Keith Oxman, Drew Morell, Hugh Ragin, Linda Theus-Lee, Mike Evans, Kevin MacInness, Jared Johnson, Jean-Luc Davis, and many other excellent artists. Most recently, she has been very honored as an ASCAP-affiliated songwriter-publisher to collaborate with master composers Piero and Pippo Lombardo, composing and authoring 4 tracks on Camera Soul's hornline celebration album, “Not For Ordinary People” (2013).

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”Kathryn is not just a pianist; she is a true musician and professional in every sense of the word, classically trained with a solid theory background.” - Tim Ballard

“I could not have succeeded in booking live music in Denver without Kathryn's professionalism and guidance.” - Mike Evans, trumpet, Lost Soul Jazz Combo and Jubilee Hot 7.

Primary Instrument


Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced


Jazz Piano - voicings, comping, hand positions, reading jazz fake books, jamming styles, combo etiquette, professionalism on the gig; booking techniques; social networking; composition

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