Kathy Sanborn

Instrument: Composer/conductor

Born: January 16

Vocalist and Composer Kathy Sanborn

Watch for Kathy Sanborn's August 4, 2017 release, Recollecting You. Produced by acclaimed arranger/instrumentalist Keerthy Narayanan, the upcoming album features performances by guitarist and Latin Grammy nominee Ciro Hurtado, esteemed violinist Rocio Marron, and multi-faceted guitarist Vito Gregoli.

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The critics say . . .

”Most highly recommended . . . Shimmering vocals . . . Kathy's music will remain in your mind/heart/head for days (if not months) to come.” ~Improvijazzation Nation

”Music just doesn't get more relaxing and sublime sounding than Lights of Laniakea.” ~www.mwe3.com

“An enchanting, cross-cultural audio experience, Lights of Laniakea is rapturously radiant.” ~Midwest Book Review

“Kathy Sanborn describes her musical style as versatile; in her latest release, Lights of Laniakea, she has delivered once again with her wonderful range of vocal styles being presented at their best.

Moving effortlessly from pure vocalisation as an instrumental component of her band to the Latin jazz rhythms, cool jazz beats, a little dash of the blues and sultry velvety sounds reminiscent of Sade, the work is fresh, enjoyable and delicate in a strangely robust manner.

The inspiration for this album comes from the mapping of a new supercluster in space by the University of Hawaii in 2014, which contains the Milky Way

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