Kathy Sanborn

Instrument: Composer/conductor

Born: January 16

Vocalist and Composer Kathy Sanborn

Watch for Kathy Sanborn's August 4, 2017 release, Recollecting You. Produced by acclaimed arranger/instrumentalist Keerthy Narayanan, the upcoming album features performances by guitarist and Latin Grammy nominee Ciro Hurtado, esteemed violinist Rocio Marron, and multi-faceted guitarist Vito Gregoli.

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The critics say . . .

”Kathy Sanborn’s eighth CD, Recollecting You, is quite remarkable in a number of ways. First, how the hell a woman so fully evocative of the post-West Coast School Of Cool could have escaped my attention, and that of the major labels and cinematographers, for so long is baffling, as evidences of complete maturity mark every inch of this breath-taking disc. I guess it’s possible, but…I missed eight releases? Amazing. Nonetheless, Recollecting You is a singularly unique immersion in musical romance, hedonism, and achingly wistful reminiscence.

Sanborn takes up where the cherished Misty Miss Christy left off in the late 50’s, then slides gently over to slip into the throne Sade vacated, enveloped in warm fog and balmy breezes

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