Kathy Sanborn

Instrument: Composer/conductor

Born: January 16

Vocalist and Composer Kathy Sanborn

Recollecting You, Kathy's latest album, released August 4, 2017. Produced by acclaimed arranger/instrumentalist Keerthy Narayanan, the new album features performances by guitarist and Latin Grammy nominee Ciro Hurtado, esteemed violinist Rocio Marron, and multi-faceted guitarist Vito Gregoli.

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The critics say . . .

“Even before putting this on the player one can’t help but be impressed by the lushness of the presentation. This digipak contains a lot of information about Kathy and her producer Keerthy Narayanan (who also is her arranger), commentary by multi-Grammy & Latin Grammy award winner Kabir Sehgal, photos and information on all the musicians involved, and a booklet containing all the lyrics. One gets the impression that this is a release of quality, and that is only reinforced as the music comes out of the speakers. This is Kathy’s eighth album, and unlike many other artists she isn’t revisiting songs from times gone by, but instead is presenting an album of originals, all her own work.

This is cool jazz, where the mood is reflective and cozy, where each note and nuance has an important part to play and where the vocals are never forced and at times are almost languorous

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