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Katie Elevitch

KATIE ELEVITCH is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and band leader who fearlessly forges a sound straight from the Source; Her songs and live shows lure you into a sonic devotional journey across sensual landscapes of rock, soul, folk and jazz that carry you into meditations on longing, loss, liberation, the spiritual state of the universe, and the transcendence of love.

Katie thrives on live collaboration, improvisation and composition that challenge musical boundaries. She is currently completing work on a new EP “Kindling for the Fire”, recorded mostly live in three days with band members - including bassist Jonathan Maron from 2007 Grammy nominated band Groove Collective. The title track was recorded completely live, has no overdubs and was composed entirely in the moment.

Her debut album, 2005's 'Now Is The Destination', which was produced by Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants), successfully fuses elements of improvisation heavy 70's rock and funk, the flavors of old school r&b, the story telling and poetry of folk, and the big hooks and lushness of pop music.

It has been praised by the Village Voice (Voice Choice 6/04 and 4/05, Chuck Eddy), The Big Takeover (Issue #55) and many artists including visionary NYC-based musicians Chocolate Genius and Carl Hancock Rux.

The daughter of an American born Jewish-Lithuanian WWII veteran, published author - and cousin of Bob Dylan - and a mother whose is a descendent of singing Bulgarian Gypsies, Katie was reared as a performer from an early age, acting in musical and dramatic community theater and singing Mozart, Debussy and Vivaldi in choirs.

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