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When Kaye sings, she tells the story from her heart. In the spirit of Judy Garland, she loves to entertain and is at her best in front of an audience. Her wide vocal range allows her to manipulate her voice to sound like anything she wants from a packing a wallop on a gutsy blues or energetic swing tune to a passionate ballad to classical high tones or the voice of a 16 year old. Kaye is described as “the little girl with a big voice.”

Sitting on her father's lap, listening to him play “fiddle” by ear, she was singing before she was five years old. As a child, the radio was her family’s entertainment. She listened to the radio at every opportunity educating her ears while singing along and learning the then popular songs.

In the early 1990’s she began singing jazz after attending jazz vocal classes with Roger Letson and at Madeline Eastman’s Jazz Camp West. Kaye then formed a band called The Jazz Affair. She has performed with “first call” Bay Area jazz musicians in clubs and at events such as Café Fino, Katie Blooms, San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, Claremont Hotel, Niccolino's Garden Cafe, The Agenda Lounge,

Hyatt Regency, Prevot's, Art and Wine Festivals, and charter ships in San Francisco and more. Corporations and clubs which have engaged her such as Cisco Systems, Sakata Seed, Magellan, Sony and The Rotary Club for their company events have been very pleased, as stated in their testimonials. At the grand opening of Smart & Final the coordinators said the music was perfect for the setting they were trying to achieve. Kaye Roze Jazz Affair is dedicated to making each performance a happy musical memory.

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August 13, 1999 Magellan Network Systems Company Picnic ”The Jazz Affair performed at our Company Picnic at Saratoga Springs, and was the life of the party. The music was versatile and pleased everyone's taste from the very young to the semi-retired. It was fun to watch guests from other picnic areas slipping into our group in order to listen and watch. Everyone was impressed by the musicians' talent on the instruments and the singer's voice. The players were punctual, professional, and dressed appropriately for the event. They were friendly to our employees and their families, and they were willing to adjust their program to meet the spontaneous changes occurring at our event

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Album I'll Be Seeing You by Kaye Roze

I'll Be Seeing You

Great Plains Entertainment


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