Keito is quickly becoming a prominent figure within the music industry. His natural talent as a drummer is gaining attention, especially in the Japan music scene.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Nakano began to play the drums when he was in high school at the age of 16. He was playing rock music in several music clubs with friends at that time.

After he finished the high school, Nakano entered the Osaka University of Arts, majoring in Faculty of Arts of Visual Concept Planning Department which had been his another interest as an art form. Through his undergraduate study, Nakano had learned a lot about the film art technique including photography, screenplay, production, editing and so on. At the same time, he was active enough with strong curiosity to join the university`s jazz band circle and deepened his musicality in jazz music.

Soon after, the reputation of his advanced drum performance, also his passion and energetic desire to improve his musicality lead him out to the professional jazz music scene from a college band. Nakano had already started accumulating his experience by playing with numbers of professional musician throughout Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Especially named one, Nakano had met the late great Mr. Mitsuru Nishiyama, one of the outstanding bass player in Japan since 1960`s and had been the owner of one of the leading jazz club in Osaka “SUB” since 1970`s. Nakano had constantly performed in Nishiyama`s group until his pass in 2011.

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1. Way Out West “Special intterview” “A jazz drummer with Swing and Groove” May, 2019 (Mentioned Personally) WAY OUT WEST is a free jazz information magazine launched in Kansai, Japan since 2009, written by Takao Fujioka who is a art director and graphic designer.

2. Jazz Critique Magazine “Report on Live Jazz Music, March 15, 2019” Shingo Kano piano trio June, 2019 (Mentioned Personally) Jazz Critique Magazine is the most popular published magazine about jazz critique, launched since 1967.

3. North Japan Newspaper “Soaked in the varied charm of jazz music, July 16, 2013” Keito Nakano quartet (Not Mentioned Personally) This is the most popular Japanese newspaper in the north Japan area and one of the leading cultural media publications.


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