Kelli Grant

Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™ is an award winning Singer/Songwriter/Musician who crosses boundaries with a diverse catalog of musical genres. She became an International Recording Artist when Warner Bros.’ German affiliate, Eagle Records, released a half Country & Pop self-titled CD, topping the Belgium charts at #4. Her signature piano style, is an unsurpassed walking left handed bassline taught to her by her Mother, coupled with a pulse driving rhythm & gyrating leads, which “swings” in the truest definition of the word. R&B legend, Carl Perkins labeled her, the Queen of Swing™ and she received her highest honor when Nominated by her piers for TEXAS STATE MUSICIAN. Sponsored by the state of Texas, Kelli is on the Mid-America Arts Alliance & the Mid-Atlantic International Arts touring roster subsidized funding by the National Endowment for the Arts. Her highly acclaimed show, “Swingin' the Blues”, designed as a clever way to showcase her CD's and award winning songwriting talents, the Queen “swings” the audience down a musical highway of Blues, Jazz & Swing from New Orleans to New York City, Chicago to Kansas City, Memphis to Texas demonstrating swings evolution to a musical revolution, Rock 'n Roll. After receiving an “HONORABLE MENTION” from Billboard in R&B, she received an invitation to join NARAS and is a Vocalist Nominee for the Grammy Board of Directors, Texas Chapter.

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author: Nancy Orr great blues CD. Extremely talented musicians & Grant has the perfect voice for big band jazzy, swingin' blues.

Isle of Capri Casino, Blue Book - One of their BEST SHOWS

Publicly declared, “an Exceptional Entertainer” - Regional Arts Director

Due to her highly acclaimed original review, “Swingin' the Blues”, Kelli was NOMINATED and is sponsored by the TCA for inclusion in the Mid-America Arts Alliance touring roster. and the Mid-Atlantic International touring roster.


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