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Kendrah Butler

Kendrah E. Butler has lived and breathed music ever since she could remember. She studied at the Settlement Music School in Germantown, PA for 11 years with classical world renowned pianist Charles Pettaway. She also studied jazz piano with Don Wilson, Kenny Gates, and for 5 years with the late great jazz pianist Eddie Green. Kendrah's intense study of the piano would lead her to tour with a group titled the “Best Yet Jazz Quintet” throughout the tri-state area, play on TV's CN8 award show dedicated to Grover Washington Jr., cut a demo CD with Gamble and Huff records, participate in radio interviews, perform at the Kimmel Center for Performance Arts countless times, and perform a Senior Concert for the Settlement Music School. She is also a classically trained violinist and has written full classically and jazz inspired orchestrations as well as a variety of jazz and R&B pieces. Kendrah loves to compose music of various genres and enjoys the lyric writing, composition and music production process.

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