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Ken Serio

Ken Serio has been playing the drums since the age of 11, and has studied with the great Joe Morello, Kenwood Dennard, and Zak Danziger.

He has a large recording and touring list, including Mark Egan, Vic Juris, Ronnie Earl, Bill Turner (guitarist for Bill Haley and the Comets), Crosscurrents, Calvin Hill, Danny Gottlieb, Pete McCann, Gil Goldstein, Leo Jordan, Dave Mann, Dave Mullen, Billy Eric, Victoria Warne, Stefanie Seskin, and groups including, Racing 8, Dem Brooklyn Bums, Asylum and Bed Of Nails. Ken also performs drum clinics for Hot Sticks drum sticks SJC Drums and Dream Cymbals which he proudly endorses, and various studio work including jingles for Kelloggs and Coca Cola.

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Primary Instrument



Clifton, NJ

Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


Teaching students privately for over 15 years and also performing clinics for the Jackson Drum Company as well as Saluda cymbals. Ken brings first-hand experience from his tours with some of music’s top names and his successful recording history. Ken continues to be a highly in-demand drummer in New York City’s busy session scene.

1988-1990 University Of Rhode Island Music Major
In 1982 Ken received a scholarship to Berklee College Of Music along with various performance awards
12 years private study with the great Joe Morello
2 years private study with Kenwood Dennard
1 year private study with Zak Danziger

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