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Keri Johnsrud

A highly appealing jazz singer with a quietly expressive voice and a deep understanding of the lyrics that she interprets, Keri Johnsrud has been an important part of the Chicago jazz scene for the past 15 years. As Christopher Loudon from JazzTimes has also noted, “Keri Johnsrud is largely about finding the unexpected in the familiar. The bright shimmer of her voice, a crystalline instrument of deceptive simple beauty, defies the depth of her artistry.” Now with the recording of her upcoming CD, “This Side of Morning”, she is making a major step forward not only as a singer, but as a lyricist and songwriter.

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”The lyrical version of that sexy little black dress, Keri Johnsrud is a name to remember!” - Brent Black,

“Particularly compelling are the wordless vocals of Keri Johnsrud. Singers frequently talk about their instrument being on equal footing with the other players on the bandstand, and that’s certainly the case with Johnsrud’s contributions here. Whether she’s adroitly echoing another player’s riff in “From Parts Unknown” or injecting a touch of bossa nova flavor to “Full Count,” her vocals add compelling textures without being overly showy.” - Bobby Reed, Downbeat Magazine (Shawn Maxwell's Alliance editor's pick review)

“Johnsrud has a soft, flexible voice with a hint of a Nancy Wilson influence and she knows how to play with lyrics even in a straight Jazz arrangement…” - Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

“...Keri Johnsrud is largely about finding the unexpected in the familiar

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This Side of Morning

This Side of Morning

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All Blue

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