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Kevin Diehl is a musician/composer whose work centers on extending traditional folk forms to modern contexts. He has immersed himself modern compositions rooted in folk forms, yoruba cultural music, american jazz, Afro Cuban spiritual and secular forms, and abstract forms.

He was profoundly influenced by diverse innovators: from 80's New York loft scene's Air & Sam Rivers, to electronica's Brian Eno and the Orb, to avant garde modern composers Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Karlheinz Stockausen, and minimalist Morton Feldman, to traditional Afro Cuban folk performers Papo Angarica and Alfredo Coyoute Videax.

Kevin Leads and ensemble which realizes all of these influences. Combining free jazz with Afro-Cuban percussion and electronica, Kevin's Sonic Liberation Front has forged an incredible sound assemblage — one that has sailed to new levels on their latest CD release, “Change Over Time.” While others simply talk of combining the ancient with the futuristic, SLF have done so. More than any other band on the scene today, SLF is continuing on the paths of Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, and Art Ensemble of Chicago — new dimensions of folk art forms of tomorrow.

Kevin Diehl, a student of innovative composer/drummer Sunny Murray, and Chuckie Joseph, a Yoruban cultural scholar. Kevin performs in the Cuban Lukumi cultural ensemble called “Mewa” which is lead by Chuckie Joseph.


”Ludicrously superb” — Ben Watson, The Wire

”Number 1 jazz album of 2004.” — Tom Hull, Village Voice



Album Jetway Confidential by Kevin Diehl

Jetway Confidential

High Two Recordings

Album Sonic Liberation Front Meets Sunny Murray by Kevin Diehl

Sonic Liberation...

High Two Recordings

Album Change Over Time by Kevin Diehl

Change Over Time

High Two Recordings

Album Ashé a go-go by Kevin Diehl

Ashé a go-go

High Two Recordings

Album Water and Stone by Kevin Diehl

Water and Stone

EyeDog Records


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