Kevin Dorsey

Gateway- 2006 Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY)- Best Jazz CD

“Gateway is one of the best mainstream jazz albums of 2005”.- Peter Nemes-Nagy/ Dunakanyar Rádió, Hungary

“Gateway is a real gem of an album that showcases the musical depth and talents of a rising new star, composer and bassist extraordinaire Kevin Dorsey. ... a breakout album for the Kevin Dorsey Collective”.- Edward Blanco/ Jazz

“Gateway, from Kevin Dorsey's Collective represents the group's most ambitious recording to date...effortlessly blending different dynamics and phrasing in ways that clearly illustrate the band's knack for transcending genres and rhythms”.- Eric Cohen/ WAER, Syracuse, NY

Kevin is an indemand bassist and tuba player in the Central New York Region. He holds a Masters of Music in Studio Jazz Writing from the University of Miami and Bachelors of Music in Music Education with a Performers Certificate from the Crane School of Music (SUNY Potsdam). His composition teachers have included Gary Lindsay, Ron Miller and Bret Zvacek.

Kevin has performed with such diverse artists modern jazz musicians Miguel Zenon, Dave Samuels and Steve Slagle, avant-garde musicians Steve Swell, Hamid Drake, Jalil Moondrake and William Parker, opera singer N'Kenge Simpson-Hoffman and the Israeli Ensemble Simply Tsfat.

Kevin teaches at LeMoyne College, Cayuga Community College and Seymour Magnet School

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Album Gateway by Kevin Dorsey


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