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Kevin Quail, trombonist, age 50(in dog years),has been playing jazz way long enough to know better, has played or recorded with Charles McPherson, Andy Simpkins, Mike Wofford, Sherman Ferguson, Donald Bailey, Harold Jones, Herman Riley, Carl Leukaufe, Don Menza, Bobby Caldwell, among others. Mr. Quail has played gigs in the Midwest as the leader of his big band, The Kevin Quail Orchestra. In between jazz gigs there have been the inevitable weddings, recording sessions, cruise ships, playing in bands backing up celebrities from Charo to Frankie Lane to Julie Budd to John Davidson to Kaye Starr to Glen Campbell to Andy Williams(Are they still alive?).

Tim Davis, drums, moved to Chicago from Kansas City a number of years ago and has played with numerous jazz luminaries in both locations. Most recently he has played with Curt Elling and Randy Brecker.

David Marr, bass, from San Diego by way of New Yorkhas also played with Charles McPherson, Ralph LaLama and many others.

Robert(don't call me Bobby) Dogan, the senior member of the quartet, has played and recorded with Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Glenn Miller, Louis Bellson, Gordon Brisker and many more as well as having taught previously at Berkeley Jazz College in Boston.



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