Kiko Loureiro Kiko Loureiro

It was at 19 years old, after he had studied with master guitarist Mozart Mello, one of Brazil’s leading music educators among others, and had been playing in many bands from São Paulo, that Kiko was invited to become part of the newly formed rock group Angra. In March of 1993, Kiko recorded his instructional video by MPO productions and immediately following that he traveled to Germany to record Angra’s debut album, “Angels Cry”. The success surrounding the album opened several new markets for the band, like Argentina and Europe, outside of Brazil.
Before their next full studio project, Angra released two EPs, “Freedom Call” and “Holy Live”, the latter recorded live in Paris. “Fireworks”, the band’s third album, was released in 1998, a little different from their previous works regarding the concept, as it focused more on the roots of heavy metal. The CD was produced by Chris Tsangarides and was recorded at the famous British studios Abbey Road where the Beatles recorded, and Power House.
On the eve of 2001, Angra presented their new personnel lineup to the fans and press in an event in which the band put out the “Acid Rain” recording. Kiko’s work being in a constant state of technical development without sacrificing his feeling was one of the highlights on this recording, which came before “Rebirth” the band’s new album. Released in October of 2001, “Rebirth” was also recorded in Germany, but this time under producer Dennis Ward’s oversight

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