Kim Versteynen

Kim Versteynen was born on the 21st of June 1984. She spent her childhood at her parents' farm in the small village of Poppel - the middle of nowhere.

At age eighteen Kim took her first steps into “the real world” as she started studying art history at the University of Ghent. In search for jazz singing classes she subscribed at the music school there. She studied jazz singing with Herlinde Ghekiere and Lien de Greef (”Lady Linn”) and attended combo lessons with Tom Callens and Johan Sabbe.

Workshops with Dianne Reeves and Sheila Jordan definitely helped her to make up her mind: after graduating cum laude from Ghent University in art history (where she recently also got her cum laude teachers degree), Kim started studying jazz singing at the Conservatory of Maastricht. There she has courses from Sabine Kühlich, Ron Van Stratum, Arnout Gerritse, Frank Giebels, etc. After all, this was the logical thing to do, and an inevitable next step in a lifelong evolution:

very early it appeared that Kim had a talent for singing. Her mother says she sang before she even could speak. At the age of seven she got her first music lessons at the local music school. When she was nine Kim also joined the local children's choir, where she soon took the lead voice. After that (age twelve) she started singing in the youth choir “with the big kids”. Again she took the lead voices and improvised second voices. A year later she began taking classical singing classes from Joost Van der Wulp - the beginning of seven years of classical voice training. Like many adolescents with a passion for music, she sang in a rockband for two years. At a music camp at the Lemmens Institute for Music Kim came in touch with jazz for the first time - and she fell in love immediately... There she had lessons with Arne Van Coillie and Jef Neve. Now she is a teacher herself, teaching jazz and pop singing in the music academy's of Voeren en Lanaken.

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Primary Instrument

Voice / vocals

Willing to teach

Advanced only


Kim teaches at three Belgian music schools (Lanaken, Voeren-Zichen and Genk).

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