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Chrys 'Kit” Demos drives 113 miles, each way, for his gigs here at the Outpost. He is only surpassed by Mr. Morris, who drives 150 miles.

Kit sometimes brings his daughter along and she has the ability to stretch across several folding chairs and nap while the ensemble churns away.

He has much in common with the regional artists in that he has a day job and he's justifiably proud of it, teaching Math and Science in the Maine Public School system. Here in the Northeast, few seriously believe you can make a living solely from performance and recording sales. But that oddly frees them up to follow their muses. Charles Ives had a day gig too. and as Jason Crane noted in a blog comment somewhere, Coltrane was an accountant on the side.

1.What brought you to music?

“My father loved rock, soul, and jazz. Sly and the Family Stone, Hendrix, or Thelonious Monk was playing on his stereo when I was a tyke in early 1970's Connecticut. I started guitar/music lessons when I was 6 at a plaza music store in Old Saybrook, CT. In the meantime both my grandmothers were musically talented, one played the old stride piano style music, the other, whose family immigrated from “asia minor” around 1917, had a slew of old 78 rpm records recorded in Greece and Turkey which I grew up listening to. I still sing and play old Greek music for my family from time to time.

As a jazz performance major at my state university, academic work was helpful but increasingly disappointing. I'd come across the occasional disparaging remark about musicians like Ornette Coleman, or other post bop elements. How sad... I'd scribble these rule breaker's names in my note book and haul myself over to the library with a reel to reel tape recorder in my duffel bag, set my self up with a book, pretend to be just listening, but instead be recording for later independent study. The desperado I was...

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