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Kjetil Jerve is a Norwegian pianist and composer based in Oslo since 2010. His work explores improvisation and performance as a physiological process. Recently starting his own trio he's also a member of Lana trio, Akmee, Orter Eparg, Baker Hansen, and Jervaas as well as a duo with trumpet player Kristoffer Eikrem. Dugnad rec is a label co-run by Kjetil Jerve and Erlend Albertsen, and had its first release featuring Jerve with Jimmy Halperin and Drew Gress.

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”Last time around I was reaching for Cecil Taylor and Keith Tippett comparisons to account for the piano work of Kjetil Jerve, but I’ll certainly need a new book of metaphors to come to terms with the first half of ‘Candyism’ here. It’s a notable achievement of broken, slightly depressing free music, the sound of speculative minds dwelling on uncomfortable facts and doing their best to reconcile multiple opposites as they conduct their cerebral discussion. Jerve’s piano seems especially lost, forlorn, and even inarticulate, his trademark ultra-fast runs reduced to incomplete phrases left hanging in the air like unanswered questions, dangling in a vague and uncertain environment of steely doubts summoned up by Andreas Wildhagen’s cymbals.” Ed Pinsent, excerpt from his review of Lana trio's Live in Japan (VAFONGOOL)

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