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Band line up - DAVE SHOOTER - bass & pedalboard, laptop and controllers; LERØY LUPTØN - synthesiser, guitar, laptop controllers; MATT ROBINSON - tenor saxophone; BEN MCCABE - drums

Kollega are a quartet from the North West of England who play original music. At Kollega HQ we are inspired and motivated by fusing technology and contemporary sounds into our music alongside acoustic and electric instruments. The tunes are underpinned by big grooves and processed bass sitting beneath insistent tenor saxophone and lush analogue synths with loops and samples providing lots of sweet additional sonic interest. We believe that the studio and live outputs of the band should reflect each other while providing different and complementary experiences. Studio recordings are beautifully produced and live performances feature plenty of space for communication and improvisation. We want to make music that is a mixture of grunt for dancing and head-stuff for listening.

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“It sounds like if the Apex Twin had a live band.” ”YES!!!! Trip hop is not dead.”




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