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Konstantin Ruchadze

Konstantin was born in Moscow, into the family of a Soviet-journalist/writer and opera-singer. The head of the Ruchadze family-clan in those days was his grandfather’s brother N. A. Ruchadze, Georgian ministr of State Security and personal friend of Joseph Stalin. Having such a background, Konstantin however has evolved in a completely different direction, contrary to his family heritage. From his early days he felt a natural inexplicable aversion against establishment, along with deep urge for adventure. These are true qualities of a free spirit. As a child learning to sing classical music from his mother, and writing poetries while in pre-school, he soon won several singers and lyricists awards. While his mother took him with her to Prague to join her second husband, Konstantin for the first time listened to Beatles, Rolling Stones, Soul and Rhythm & Blues. He decided to become a professional musician. A few years later as a lead-singer and bassplayer, he was fronting a very popular Rhythm & Blues formation Ruchadze Band. His growing popularity however, resulted in serious clashes with communist authorities. To play a western type of music under a communist rule, ment to look for big trouble and getting stigmatized as an ideological enemy. Due to this fact, Konstantin went through periods of prformance ban, and constant threats of Soviet-exile. Therefore he decided to emigrate to the West

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Albums by Konstantin Ruchadze

Album Upstream Hermit by Konstantin Ruchadze

Upstream Hermit

Amsterdam Beyond Records

Album Around the World in Space and Time by Konstantin Ruchadze

Around the World in...

Amsterdam Beyond Records

Album The Hymn Forever by Konstantin Ruchadze

The Hymn Forever

Amsterdam Beyond Records

Album Adventurer by Konstantin Ruchadze


Amsterdam Beyond Records


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