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Kristoffer Rosing-Schow

I like music. I like music a lot. i like Jim Jarmusch. I like food, and to make food (all day). I like that Asger Jorn gave mr. Guggenheim the finger. I like Tom Waits. I like things i don't understand. I like Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badelamenti. i like noisy music. I like to be very precise and delicate about small things. I like to spend hours pondering about small sentences i Ulysses. I like to dance. I like to loose track of time. I like to talk and listen. Don Delillo. Mingus (His shouting). I believe I am an atheist. I like to give up control (but it can be very hard). I want to fall into the arms of someone. I love David Lynch. Charlie Kaufman. Scallops. Brian Blade. Gaudi. I like to sleep. I like Bill Murray. I like distortion and ripples. Skin. Intimacy. Niels Bohr. Come and get me. I am all Yours.
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No Hay Banda

No Hay Banda

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