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Kristoffer Vejslev Dyssegaard

Kristoffer Vejslev is a Danish guitar player and composer currently living in Amsterdam. He is studying jazz guitar at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and has been doing so since 2015. Vejslev’s music and playing is inspired by the modern jazz and experimental scene in his hometown Copenhagen. In 2017 he released his debut album; Vulture Forest with his Amsterdam-based group by the same name. The music which was all Vejslevs own compositions was well received at home and abroad. His latest project is the album Udkig (Lookout) by Red Gazelle Trio, a Copenhagen based group that goes back to the beginning of Vejslevs musical journey. It was released this september (2018).
Said about Vulture Forest, Vejslevs debut album:

“a certain cinematic melodicism is achieved in a rhythmic environment that sits on the periphery of swing and the attitude of cool blues. “Past Your Bedtime” reflects this approach with a quick step, while “Bittersweet” goes about it at the pace of moonlight crossing the floor...” - Dave Summer (Bird is the Worm)

“an alluring blend of emotional atmospheres, sometimes leaning toward melancholia while mostly remaining at a level of awing tranquility...” - Jazz Club Quarterly

“Vulture Forest contains more meditative elements and is considerably more melancholic, dreamy and sounds more European, compared to the Americans

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