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The would be members of KUBIKMAGGI got acquainted in 2003. This happened at St Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences where Max Roudenko (bass) and Vlad Avdeev (guitar) were to get a degree in sound production. Ksenia joined them in one of the auditoria to play piano and sing, thus showing the musical material to work on.

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Kubikmaggi are a wonderfully skilled, yet shambolic ensemble from St Petersburg. If that brief and contradictory declaration were enough to send you around the world in search of any such “wonder,” the most recent opportunity to catch them live in their home town would have been a few weeks ago. Here they announced themselves as “yet again accompanied by a drummer, piano, bass... and loads of other stuff, too. In rather banal terms, it's a gig to be played 'after a long absence.'”

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