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Kyle Bronsdon

[From The Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians, Editor: Lewis Porter]

Bronsdon studied piano from a young age, and then percussion and finally drum kit with Tom Tedrahn, who introduced him to jazz, in high school. Studied music at Northern Illinois University for two years before transferring to Columbia College, Chicago, where he studied composition with William Russo (in the last course taught by the composer) and Hans Wurman. Shortly after completing his BA, in 1993, he worked with cruiseline showbands for a few years before moving to Tucson, Arizona to join swing band the Kings of Pleasure during the peak of the Swing Renaissance, in the spring of 1998. Bronsdon left the group to form Kearney, Grams and Bronsdon (a/k/a the KGB Trio) with pianist Brenden Kearney and bassist Steve Grams. The group toured regionally, becoming popular in the underground swing scene, until the drummer moved to Los Angeles in June of 2002 to form a trio under his name, and complete his first solo album.

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